Malang Town Center

Malang is a mountainous town located in East Java, Indonesia. The town location is an excellent place either as traveler hub or stop point for anyone who traveling from Bali-Bromo-Yogyakarta or vice versa. It’s cool, green, mountains and vibrant atmosphere will make anyone who visit it become attracted to the town and want to stay longer there.

The town is sparkling with tourist spots, interesting points, Dutch colonial architectures, art deco buildings and cafes or restaurants business ready to spoiled any visitor. Traveler and tourist can take walks around or use public local transport or taxi to visit those spots for one or two days to experience it at fullness.

Cafe is one best place to enjoy Malang’s atmosphere in leisure. Traveler armed with his favorite books and camera should visit cafe in Malang within his/her walk distance from their accommodation or take taxi, rickshaw or public transport. In addition, cafe is growing business in Malang on recent years so there many option for traveler who want to enjoy their time in cafe suitable to their preferences.

However, there other things that make Malang an excellent place for travel adventures as list mention below:

Arjuna mountain

Arjuna mountain near cangar hotspring

In the North, Arjuna mountain stood high create a wall block that separate Malang from rest of North Java region. The mountain is one of active volcanoes in Java. It has some natural hotspring or waterfall spots surrounding it. The mountain also home for endangered animals, such as, monkey, birds, wild boar, etc. Arjuna mountain is an excellent place for photography spot.

Pujon Pass

Pujon town

To the west, there Pujon pass that road link connected Malang-Yogyakarta. It is one of alternative routes often use by locals to travel to Yogyakarta. The road pass has stunning views. Green scenery and hill villages dominate the road journey. Its an interesting place for traveler who want observe and photography locals life and village culture in Java.

Bromo Mountain

To east, Bromo mountain is world tourism destination reachable from Malang through east mountain road bypassing Surabaya-Pasuruan road and directly goes into it quicker. Traveler can visit Bromo mountain in dawn and return at dusk time without spend night at the mountain. There some travel company in Malang who specialized for this tourism business.

Singhasari temple

Singhasari is a small town or suburb near Malang. Its also site where ancient Singhasari kingdom palace located. There several big and small Hindu temples scattered in the town either in good or derelict condition. In addition, there some ancient sites that use by ancient people for praying or government purposes. Singhasari is ideal place for historical photography or travel spot.


8 thoughts on “Malang

    • I know Java Dancer cafe. Thanks for your suggestion I will review it later.
      Unfortunately, I still have two reviews waiting in my schedule so it will be take some time before I able to write about Java Dancer.
      I already have a look your blog too.

    • Sure. I will help you as much as I can. Kopi Tubruk is actually a drink style rather type of coffee. Most Indonesian prefer Arabica coffee for Kopi Tubruk’s ground due it’s low acidic. Any coffee beans are fine too.

      Indonesian like medium and fine ground (1-2 tablespoon) for their Kopi Tubruk, they think its not perfect without taste ground coffee in their Kopi Tubruk. Some heavy coffee drinker prefer thick floating coffee ground (3-more tablespoon) in their Kopi Tubruk.

      Sugar is optional based on people preference. Some people like sweet tooth (2-3 teaspoon) while other prefer more sweetness (1 tablespoon) to eliminate bitter taste in Kopi Tubruk.

      Kopi tubruk serves in boiled water with latte, tall or beer glass.

      It has strong flavor and thick layer floating ground when you take a sip. Best way to enjoy it when after awhile it’s temperature become warm enough to consume it.

      On other hand, its an earthquake drink due it bitterness (foreigner not accustomed to it) strong enough to keep you wake all night after drink it. It can increase bladder too.

      Here some instruction how to make Kopi Tubruk

      Anything else you need to know?

    • I am just curious. Are you ask me how to grew or brew Kopi Tubruk in first place?

      Kopi Tubruk is brew method for enjoy coffee locally in Indonesia. I never heard anything relate to grew Kopi Tubruk. There no specific coffee bean use in Kopi Tubruk.

  1. I will be visiting Malang next month, and hope to drive to a few Coffee Plantations near by. Can you help me locate the closet ones that grow Arabica, please.

    • Hii Philip,

      It has been my frustration for ages that its true there several coffee plantations, warehouses & roaster factory in Malang. But they don’t designed for eco/agro-tourism in mind like at Magelang (Losari’s coffee plantation)or Bali. As result, you have to go there independently due no organize travel or accommodation designed to cater tourist.

      The best coffee plantation in Malang is Dampit coffee plantation located in Southeastern Malang. It located on bottom of Semeru mountain. Just search google map for “dampit, malang” and it will be show to you in no time. Try ask hotel staff in Malang about Dampit plantation and they should know about it.

      I found an old post related to Dampit coffee plantation:

      Hope it will be provide you some pointers about the place. It looks like an off the beaten track for tourist so I expect you will see no other westerner except yourself when you find it.

      Lastly, unfortunately Dampit coffee plantation is renowned for it’s robusta instead arabica bean. I hope this info will not disappointing you.

      Good luck with your coffee adventure next month.

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