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International Coffee Day Celebration at Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia


International Coffee Day was celebrated on 1st October each year all round the world. Nevertheless, its still rare event for Indonesian to celebrate it due lack knowledge of international coffee culture in the country on previous years.

Thanks to 3rd wave of coffee culture booming people begin to celebrate international coffee day in Indonesia today. This is the first International Coffee Day Celebration held at Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The last coffee event was held in 2012.

People or community whose relate directly or indirectly to coffee culture are starting celebrate it as gathering event where coffee farmer, roaster, barista, snob or geek are meet each other for increase or exchange skill or network relate to coffee business. There even public or tourist who come to the event by curiosity too.

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Malang is also on frenzy too. The 1st International Coffee Day Celebration which successfully held at Tawangargo village, Karangploso district, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. It was a small and quite and cooler village, located at mount Arjuna’s southern mountainside. It’s location can be reach by motorcycle and car for fourth quarter hour from Batu and one half hours from Malang.

The event held at Brawijaya University Foresty campus, although it looks like practitioner place for university student who take agriculture major study. The place is dominate by tall pine trees while coffee plant, particularly arabica, is planted beneath the pine trees. So, it was perfect place for celebrate International Coffee Day where everyone could introduced coffee beans, brewing coffee outside, and enjoy coffee while surrounded by nature.

Most importantly, all cup of joe brew by various barista and use various coffee beans are distribute for public and participants for FREE.

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It was free and public event where each participant just bring their coffee beans and brewing equipment. Many coffee shop or cafe came to this event and brought their best coffee beans and brewing kits in spontaneous without profit or other purpose. It was an event where all coffee practitioners and lover share information, increase network and help promote coffee business.

Most participants use manual grinder for grinding coffee and drip brewing kits for manually brewing their coffee. Most of them use V60, Clever, Kalita, Vietnamese dripper and Aeropress for brewing coffee. Manual grinder remains popular among barista in this event although visitors can spotted electric grinder such as Latina or Compak K3 series. The event organizer provide electric outlet for this event too.


In addition, participants also bring some of coffee beans from their business place, while coffee farmer introduce their coffee beans to either participants and visitors in the event in order to increase the beans exposure and value to public.

Meanwhile, baristas are busy brewing cup of joe in order to fulfill visitors request without end. It was a perfect opportunity for them to compare their brewing technique each other. For example, one barista from a certain cafe use hot waters at 80 degree Celsius while other barista from another cafe use 95 degree Celsius for cup of coffee. One barista stir his coffee ground at blooming stage while other barista just let coffee ground alone at this stage.

Nevertheless, one lesson learned from this event is participant or visitor shouldn’t distracted by various brewing techniques showed by baristas. Its easy to copy from one brewing style to another style, but it should note, ITS YOUR OWN COFFEE NOT THEIR COFFEE YOU ARE BREWING IT . The author have opportunity for raise this topic in discussion among fellow coffee practitioners.

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The International Coffee Day Celebration was able to attract visitors from various level background, either they are students, families, young couple, coworker, and even some foreign tourists who have opportunity to come to this event. They are fused by single purpose or intention to enjoy cup of joe together.

Bad weather also shadowed this event due in fact it’s held at mountainside so there high opportunity of rain either squall to windy rain. Nevertheless, this element don’t discourage organizer and visitors for keep continue the celebration under roof of nearby hall. It would be better if the organizer provide tents for next International Coffee Day Celebration.


An event isn’t much lively if there no music or dj entertain people who attend it. Some participants tried to imitate dj performance at the celebration in funny way. Such as this fellow, a barista, from nusantara coffee shop who poses as dj before event started. Unfortunately, he sooner had to let go his fun due stove was need for boil water and he got busy for served coffee too. Good music or performance option should better addressed by organizer next year.

In addition, there some points of improvement should need addressed by International Coffee Day Celebration organizer for next year event. Here some suggestion:

  1. Earlier date announcement poster so people can anticipate and note the event in their schedule.
  2. Simple list of coffee kits need to bring by potential participant or visitor who want celebrate the event.
  3. Allow visitors to bring their own coffee beans and brew by barista for everyone.
  4. Milk stock should include either participants or visitors donation so barista can make cappuccino too.
  5. Food or meals should addressed so public can have lunch while attend the event.
  6. Big Tents for rain anticipation so weather isn’t issue.

In summary, International Coffee Day Celebration 2016 at Karangploso, Malang, was a success celebration due it’s vibrant, spontaneous and enthusiasm of people who either organize and attend it. Hope it will be better and larger in next year too.



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