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Coffee Road


Yogyakarta is a cultural city located in Southern Central Java. The city is famous for it’s universities, cultural heritage, tourism industry, and unique local customs leads it to becomes one of leading coffee culture spot in Indonesia, particularly in Java, due its vibrant and creative coffee shop and café industries.

One of unique coffee business in Yogyakarta is coffee stall named Coffee Road due it located in pedestrian lane and next to popular meeting spot in Yogyakarta called Tugu Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta’s obelisk).


Coffee Road although small and compact has regular customers either from Yogyakarta and from out of town. The stall looks like never quiet and have steady visitor who either order cup of coffee or buy coffee beans. They don’t provide chairs and table for customer who visit it as result people often have to take seat at pedestrian lane edge or stand up while enjoying the coffee.

Although, cold, crowded, windy and noisy due it located next to road and landmark people don’t mind to it as they use Coffee Road as popular meeting spot and gathering place for hobby community, young people who want spend time with friends and couple who looking for intimate place while enjoying Yogyakarta’s atmosphere.


Coffee Road’s customers aren’t limited to local people and tourist. Recently, foreigner tourist and coffee lover start to keep looking to this stall as new experience way for enjoy Indonesian coffee at it’s fullness, gather information about local coffee and befriend with locals who also coffee enthusiasm too. Sometimes, foreign television channel also take a documentary coverage either focusing on Indonesia coffee, Yogyakarta culture and tourism.

When the writer visited Coffee Road there a French TV channel crew who in middle took coverage about coffee culture. Other time, there ABC news correspondent from Australia who took interest for Yogyakarta culture tourism. The city is well known as popular destination for Australia people.


Coffee Road is a compact stall which only serve hot and manual brew coffee, such as, V60, French Press and tubruk style (Indonesian hot coffee method). Although, they also serve cappuccino and latte use manual methods that good enough can be compared to espresso machine product.

In addition, the stall also provides various filling breads, such as, mince meat, cheese, chocolate, strawberry jam, etc., as snack when people enjoying their coffee. Bread prices can be various depends on ingredients.


They serve coffee manual brew using V60 just for Rp7000 IDR to Rp10000 IDR ($1.0 AUD) price is depends on what kind coffee beans requested by customer. French Press brew is available for Rp9000 IDR ($0.75 AUD) best for a group people due it large serving. Coffee tubruk style is priced around Rp5000 IDR to Rp8000 IDR ($0.75 AUD) depends on coffee beans requested by customer.

On other hand, Coffee Road provide good selection of coffee beans for coffee lover who want to enjoy a good and authentic coffee beans. Such as, Arabica Dieng, Toraja, Bali, Malabar, Flores and local Robusta. They cannot show all coffee beans due space limitation in the stall as result Coffee Road only show four to seven different coffee beans each time they open at night. 

In addition, there coffee milk based drink for people who don’t like coffee’s bitterness or black coffee product. They are included, cappuccino, latte and coffee milk which available just for Rp5000 IDR to Rp10000 IDR ($1.0 AUD). 


Coffee Road is best example of small coffee business emphasis on mobility, simplicity and manual brew service result a unique and vibrant coffee culture spot which bloom inside heart of their regular customers and new visitor.

They open each night from 06.00 PM to 01.00 AM near Yogyakarta obelisk landmark.



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