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kopilayakminum – angkringan


Angkringan was a word in Indonesia language for kind of business stall or shop which operate using stall or mobile cart that can be moved from one place to other place. Coffee stall or kopi angkringan was new type business starting to grow in Indonesia due it’s simplicity, low cost and easier to move all coffee tools and stock in one go without restricted by location.

Kopilayakminum – angringan is one of precursor of coffee stall business in Malang which still exist today. It’s location secluded inside Joyo Grand residential complex can be considered as hidden jewel for coffee lover who want to experience new atmosphere of coffee shop that they never experienced before.


The place was hard to located for outsider or out of town people who visited Malang due it’s location was road intersection and next to material store on daylight. They only open the coffee stall in evening until near past midnight (07.00PM – 01.00AM). Last order is accept before midnight (11.30PM) so visitors are encourage to order all their drink before the time limit.

The coffee stall also close earlier if all stocks are sold before close time when there too many customers at same time as their stock only cater for 20 – 30 customers per night. They also don’t open on rain night as the stall doesn’t have waterproof canopy.


Kopilayakminum – angkringan’s stall has compact design that can be operate with minimum two employees. There only single Latina grinder, a stove for heating water and milk,  and Rokpresso for create espresso. Nevertheless, they can create coffee drinks equal like café or coffee shop.


They only serve hot coffee drink, such as espresso, latte, black coffee, and other drip style coffee drinks due it’s location at Malang so it always colder at night and there rare customer who order ice coffee drink result they decide for not serve ice based coffee drink due impractical reason and ice stock.


Although Kopilayakminum – angkringan  only operate stall coffee business they serve high grade coffee beans. They serve six different arabica coffee beans and local robusta coffee beans. There Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Toraja Sapan, Flores Banjawa, Karlos (nickname for Karang Ploso arabica coffee beans) and Papua Wamena. They use Dampit local robusta coffee beans for Latte and cappuccino due its abundant stock and availability.



Kopilayakminum – angkringan was started as a collaboration between two university students at Malang University who want to enjoy and experience true coffee brewing without restricted by price and place. What they think as a hobby and hang out place become one of unique coffee culture in Malang which cannot easier copied by other coffee shop or café.

Customers can have chat with baristas or try to practice their own coffee and latte art under guidance of barista. There no restriction of interaction between visitor and barista in Kopilayakminum – angkringan. Everyone can become friends and enjoy good coffee in here with leisure.

One of must see ritual in this place is customer can watch how his or her coffee being brew, prepare and serve in front of them.


Both barista’s skill and service is excellent can be compared to café barista. They don’t focus too much for latte arts and more emphasis for taste of coffee brewing so their drink are rarely failed or not satisfied by customer. This is a good sign for good and dedicate coffee business as they keep maintain regular customers through quality rather impression.


A good latte should has three different layers, milk foam (froth) layer, espresso layer and milk layer. This thing sometimes called coffee rainbow in barista world as three different substances create a synergy of layers and should beautiful in presentation and tasteful when it drank by customer. Barista’s kopilayakminum – angkringan has achieved this skill perfectly.


Kopilayakminum – angkringan has fairly prices aimed for students and locals who want enjoy good coffee without spend too much money. Customers can enjoy arabica coffee beans varieties, included Papua, Toraja, Flores, Bali, Karlos and Aceh Gayo, or local robusta coffee beans, Dampit for Rp6000 IDR to Rp8000 IDR. Either as espresso, Turkish brew, mocca pot, Vietnam drip, French plunger and V60 drip.

Meanwhile, visitor who want milk based coffee drink can order Cappunesia (nickname for cappuccino), Latte, Espressu (espresso plus milk), Kopi susu tubruk (coffee milk), Kopi susu Turkish (coffee milk in Turkish style) and Vietnam drip susu (coffee milk in Vietnam drip style). They are sold only for Rp6000 IDR to Rp7000 IDR.

Lastly, hot black tea and milk tea are available for Rp3000 IDR and Rp5000 IDR. Kopilayakminum – angkringan is open from 07.00 PM – 12.00 PM (midnight), Monday to Friday. Last order available until 11.30 PM.

Their address is Perum Joyo Grand, Merjosari, Malang, East Java.


Kopilayakminum – angkringan instagram



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