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Maxx Coffee


Starbuck coffee shop have been recognized as global coffee shop franchisee and modern coffee culture icon. As result, it has been followed by local coffee shop chains in many countries either as their business model or products orientation.

Maxx Coffee is one local café franchise in Indonesia, under Lippo Group Co. flagship, who introduced café similar to Starbuck café but with local taste and Indonesia specialty coffee drink. As result, it revolves as a unique café with Starbuck atmosphere while serve local coffee beans, such as, Aceh gayo, Java, Bali Kintamani and Flores Manggarai. Recently, the café open new branch at Batu Town Square (Batos) in Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia.


Visitor will get same atmosphere to Starbuck coffee when they are entering Maxx Coffee for their first time. Maxx Coffee has similar interior and furniture design as the famous coffee shop chain, except products. Barista bar and cashier located near entrance are easily recognize as place where customer order his or her drink, pay and pick it at end of table, at pick up point, much like Starbuck’s practice. Menu is located behind the barista bar where customer can read it without ask cashier first, except, if he or she need specific drink or ask barista’s recommendation, such as, coffee of day.



Maxx Coffee’s interior and furniture are dominate by minimalist, homely and cozy sofas with low table, ideal for family gathering. There also chair and small table for customer who want privacy. In addition, the place also provide long table with chairs for visitor who come in group, ideal for friends gathering or study group.

The place also has outdoor seats for visitor who want smoke or not comfortable with air conditioner cooler inside it. The outdoor seat dominated by steel chairs and table with parasol so visitor can enjoy his or her drink without overheat by direct sunlight. In addition, the Maxx Coffee in Batu, Malang, located at mountainous town so it has cool breeze and windy weather so sunlight it not much problem. It was best place for enjoy coffee or drink at outdoor seat.



Maxx Coffee has wide selection of hot or ice drinks and meals available to satisfy customer’s indulgence. For instance, coffee of the day can be purchased for Rp 22000 IDR ($2.2 AUD). Hot coffee drinks such as, Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte, Asian Dolce and Caramel Macchiato available between Rp 22000 IDR ($2.2AUD) up to Rp 41000 ($4.1 AUD).

Meanwhile, cold coffee drink there Espresso Frappe, Asian Dolce, Java Chip, Mocha, Caramel and Vanilla/Hazelnut Frappe ready to spoiled any visitor of Maxx Coffee just for Rp 38000 IDR ($3.8 AUD) to Rp 43000 IDR ($4.3 AUD).

On other hand, there tea, chocolate or fruit based drink for customer who don’t like coffee based drink available either as hot or ice drink. There are Green Tea Latte, Vanilla Black Tea Latte, Ice Shaken Lemonade and hot/cold Brewed Tea can be purchased from Rp19000 IDR($1.9 AUD) to IDR 35000 IDR ($3.5 AUD).

Hot or ice chocolate drink, such as, Signature Chocolate, Hazelnut or Caramel Chocolate available from Rp 36000 IDR ($3.6 AUD) up to Rp 41000 IDR ($4.1 AUD) which can be served either as Signature or Frappe Blended Cream drink.

In addition, there Mango Passion Fruit and Three Berry Juice Smoothies for anyone who don’t want drink coffee, tea or chocolate beverage. The smoothies can be purchased just for Rp 30000 IDR ($3.0 AUD) and Rp 36000 IDR ($3.6 AUD).

Maxx Coffee also serves light meals or snack, such as, Plain Croissant, Muffin, Panini, Quiche, Sandwich and Cinnamon  which can be warmed by request. They are available just for Rp 12000 IDR ($1.2 AUD) up to Rp 39000 IDR ($3.9 AUD). Those snacks are best option to accompany customer when they enjoy their coffee at same time.



The real deal of Maxx Coffee at Batu Town Square Mall is they have excellent outdoor balcony facing to Panderman mount and other mountains around Batu, Malang. The café is best place for anyone who want experience Batu’s atmosphere in evening and night at fullness. In addition, this place is located inside a mall so it ideal location for meeting point for family gathering or couple who want shopping and spend their time together. Maxx Coffee at Batu are open from 10 AM to 10 PM each day.


Maxx Coffee website



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