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Rosso’ micro roastery



Rosso’ micro roastery is a small coffee roaster located at Pasar Modern BSD, Serpong, Indonesia. They are unlike other coffee shop or café where only provide coffee based drink and snack while the coffee is roasted elsewhere. Rosso’ micro roastery is a coffee roaster married with coffee shop theme.


Customer can watch coffee beans being roast in front of their eyes as there small coffee roaster machine operated by roaster inside the place while they enjoying their coffee drink and snack. If they luck, rare coffee beans are being roasted at that day can be purchase at same time. In addition, visitors can ask freely to roaster how to roasted perfect coffee too. It was an amazing experience.


The place besides roasting coffee also provide many coffee brew methods. Customer can ask whatever he wants for his cup of joe, such, cold brew, drip brew, siphon, mocca pot, Vietnam drip or espresso. Visitor can experiments what kind brew method suitable for their taste while enjoying their coffee at same time.

In addition, there twenty types of coffee beans which offered at Rosso’ micro roastery as its well known for Indonesia coffee beans specialty. Such as, Arabica Gayo, Arabica Bali Kintamani, Arabica Flores Bajawa, Arabica Jolok, Arabica Papua Wamena. Rare or overseas coffee beans also available, such as, Rwanda coffee beans, which served occasionally when the writer visited the place.


The place always roasts coffee beans based on order or request from customer although there some coffee stock which available for direct purchase. But, this stock often sold out in matter days. Customer usually encourage to order their beans first rather than buy on spot. Visitor can ask or test what kind coffee beans suitable for their taste, order it and pick up it next couple days or week.


According to Mr. Andrianto Hardjito, owner and master roaster of Rosso’ micro Roastery, described he need for five years before he finally mastered how to roasting perfect coffee beans. He told the writer that he was spent at least a hundred kilograms of green coffee beans for his practice before he got his roasting skill. That a lot of investment, devotion, tears and failure.



One of unique interior of Rosso’ micro roastery which catch attention is customer allowed to leave comment or signature in it’s walls. There hundreds of comments and signatures behind counter, at wall near roasting machine and on stairs. This interior give an impression how many people who acknowledge Rosso’ micro roastery as their coffee supplier.


There non smoking area at upstairs for customer who want enjoy their coffee drink without inhale cigarette smoke from other customer. The place also quiet enough for visitor who want read book or newspaper while enjoying a cup of joe.

However, this kind trend requires assessments from customer who want select their coffee roaster as their source. There many coffee roaster with different interpretation and skill for how to roast coffee beans for specific costumer so selecting a coffee roaster who match to customer’s taste is crucial.

The roaster beside roasting coffee beans also have good selection of non coffee drink such as bottle water, Hot/ ice tea, hot/ice chocolate, hot/ice green tea latte, orange squash from Rp 5000 (AUD 50cent) to Rp 30.000 (AUD $3.00).  Snack or appetizer available, for instance, mini muffins, modern pao, mini pastry, mousse and crumble pie from Rp 5000 (AUD 50cent) to Rp 25000 (AUD $2.50).

On other hand, there wide option of hot coffee based drink such espresso, Americano, coffee milk, piccolo, mochaccino, latte and cappuccino from Rp 13000 (AUD $1.20) to Rp 28000 (AUD $2.80). Meanwhile, there ice black coffee, affogato, ice latte, ice cappuccino, ice mochaccino and ice mocha float for their ice coffee based drink available for Rp 18000 (AUD $1.80) to Rp 35000 (AUD $3.50).

However, the real gem of this place is they are provide different coffee brew methods such as, coffee tubruk (Indonesia traditional brew), V60 Hario, Chemex or Kalita and cold drip brew available from Rp 18000 (AUD $1.80) to Rp 28000 (AUD $2.80). This is a best place for customer who searching what kind coffee brew method suitable for them.

Open on weekdays : Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am to 3pm, on weekend : Saturday & Sunday from 7am to 5pm.

Rosso’ micro roastery is close every Monday and Thursday as the owner’s policy either for management or stock up reason. So, out of town customer should keep it in their mind as they can find themselves in disappointment when they visit the place at wrong day.


Rosso’ micro roastery

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8 thoughts on “Rosso’ micro roastery

  1. Hmmm just a minor correction, ROSSO’ is closing every Monday & Thursday. We are open on weekdays : Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 7am to 3pm, on weekend : Saturday & Sunday from 7am to 5pm.

    Thanks to Tri Wahyu for stopping by at ROSSO’ Micro Roastery.

  2. this is awesome. there should be more places like this. we should have more coffee shops that sell and roast their own coffee, which all are domestic in origin.

      • oh. good to know they are doing well. it’ll be a shame to find out they get no business. i hope this would stir a trend and encourage many more coffee roasters to open up their own shop/cafe.

      • They are doing pretty well in Serpong’s area due as pioneer roaster shop they able enter market earlier than other roaster and gain more regular customers in the area too.

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