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Coffee Mou Ippai


This time I will review something that not my usual theme but its really catch my attention. I feel other coffee lover or reader should read it too.

Japan is a famous country for strong coffee drinker culture followed by South Korea in North Eastern Asia region. In addition, the country was well known as inventor and distributor of coffee equipments brand such as Hario, Siphon and drip coffee style. Japanese people have strong obsession for their coffee drink as their tea ceremony which can be reflected by many indie cafe or coffee shop in major Japan city, such as Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya. On other hand, Japan also famous for its comic publication or manga world. It isn’t rare for Japanese mangaka (comic artist) to draw slice of life scene or comic based on Japanese people daily life so I expect there should be some manga or comic about coffee culture too.

There some manga or comic which show theme relate to coffee culture but they aren’t deep describe or highlight coffee brew process. Most of them only show coffee brew as side show or background story. The jackpot finally hit when I spotted and read first chapter of Coffee Mou Ippai created by Naoto YAMAKAWA.


Coffee Mou Ippai is five volumes of manga series which describe as stand alone or connected short story about individual relate to coffee one way or other. The best of it is describes how to brew coffee use various methods properly, such as pour over, siphon, cold drip or filter style in each chapter. Interestingly, the manga art looks like use high detail stamp toner as it like use some kind ink stamp result a very eccentric yet highly detailed art in each panel or page.


These pages or panels show to reader how preparation for brew coffee using paper drip method properly just like as reading an instruction book about brewing coffee. There some information mentioned in this manga that other coffee book unable or describes in separate section such as, how to fold paper filter correctly. It was fun and educate but not boring as reading instruction book due reader can see each instruction in manga or comic drawing style.



In general, the manga shows step by step how to brew coffee uses paper drip method. It starts by shake coffee ground inside dripper cup, pour near boiled water from coffee pot slowly until the paper filter damp then wait for moment. It should be only ten seconds. The coffee grounds should be inflate or puffing up at the moment releasing good aroma. After a while, start pour water again from coffee pot slowly until near dripper cup limit while not touching the filter. This process continue until all water in paper filter dry up leaving wet coffee ground in filter.

This process can be an interesting illustrate demonstration for newbie or other people who take interest for coffee brew.



The manga shows how coffee can be best method for connecting people one way or another as family, spouse or lover hooked each other while drinking cup of coffee. People often remind who they are, where they come from, what their dream and memories when drinking a cup of joe.


Nevertheless, Coffee Mou Ippai has bittersweet storyline aimed for mature reader as some of storyline have theme that not suitable for younger reader or can lead misinterpretation for reader who doesn’t have enough experience. It has been classified as Seinen or Josei category in Japanese reader catalog.

On other hand, it can be a wonderful book or comic if reader just ignore it’s storyline and focus to coffee brewing method which describes in Coffee Mou Ippai.

If reader takes interest for following this series you can update or download it at the link below.

Coffee Mou Ippai – One Snowshoe scanlation

Happy reading.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Mou Ippai

  1. this is awesome. i’ve done drip coffee before, but i never knew that one should take the water off just before it starts to boil. i have always waited for the water in the electric kettle to boil and turns off by itself. i treat coffee making similar to black tea making, that them both need boiling hot water to extract their flavor. now i know there is a difference. thanks for sharing.

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