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Pasar Modern BSD, Serpong, Indonesia, was never disappointed me on every my time at Jakarta. This time I will introduce a small coffee shop inside the market that has a vibrant atmosphere and friendly community. The place named ‘’ as it tries to bring authentic Indonesia coffee beans and original coffee drink style as much as possible. Forget about barista who hiding behind bulky espresso machine which create an invisible barrier between barista and customer. Here visitor can watch and catch idea how barista make coffee drink in front of them.

Ask one or three questions about how to make good a cup of joe or what kind coffee bean suitable for different customer are welcome here as the place is tries to popularize authentic coffee drink style and as cool hang out place. You can talk to barista or owner, Mr. Aang (if he available at the time), without worry. In matter of fact, visitor often draw into serious conversation about coffee drink and various facts behind each coffee beans when he visit the coffee shop.


Meanwhile, is designed with industrial retro style in mind. There unplastered brick walls, industrial lamps with dim light and retro picture decorations hanging in wall provides simple but minimal atmosphere pointed to each potential visitor that is place for everybody for hang out or meeting place.

The long wooden table and long benches dominate inside the coffee shop is an excellent option for local social gathering or small group people who want easy chat accompanied by cups of joe or cappuccino.


Meanwhile, individual customer who want keep his/her privacies or coffee enjoyment while reading newspaper or favorite book can seat at low table with color seat. The table and seat are also designed to attract visitor who bring children as kids are looks like to sit at their favorite color seat while their parents shopping or enjoy drink at the coffee shop in mind.



On other hand, is a pure coffee shop so they don’t provide snack or meal at the establishment, just coffee drinks. But, customer allowed order meal or snack from other kiosk as the coffee shop is located next to best restaurants, bakery or shops in Pasar Modern BSD, such as, Oen Pao noodles, The Kopi Tiam, Golden Egg Tart Bakery, etc. The owner emphasis visitor should try Vietnamese drip coffee drink if he or she want to learn about coffee as it can be consumes either as black coffee (for coffee lover) or as sweetened condensate milk coffee (for someone who cannot stand acidity). It’s a double value.

IMG_6585 is provide ten single origin coffee beans include, Aceh Gayo, Mandailing, Java, Bali Kintamani, Blue Batak, Flores Bajawa, Flores Juria, Silimakuta, Toraja, and Papua Baliem for Rp 20.000 IDR ($2.00 AUD). In addition, customer can choose their coffee preference drink either as Tubruk (black unfiltered coffee), Hario drip or Vietnamese drip style without additional charge.

Meanwhile, customer who prefer western coffee style can order espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, chocolate, Affogato and Cafe Au lait either hot or cold for Rp 20.000 IDR ($2.00 AUD) too. Interestingly, ice cappuccino or latte is served in small decanter or sake bottle so customer can himself pour it into a glass with ice on his preference. This method is similar to Vietnamese ice coffee drink.

Lastly, there no sound system or music provide at the place so will not disturb or affect people talk so customer can speak clearly without loud voice. This is a perfect place for spending time while read a newspaper or meeting friends.


Pasar Modern BSD, East Entrance, K2-12 block

Jl. Letnan Sutopo Rawa Buntu Serpong Kota Tangerang Selatan 15321-15310

6 am – 3 pm




7 thoughts on “

  1. This place looks really cool! There are so many coffee shops in South Korea, but many, many of them are either chains or places that want to look like chains. So, when I find one that wants to be its own unique self, I fall in love with it. Thanks!

    • Thanks. I think most problem for indie coffee shop is they are tend to imitate successful chain cafe or coffee shop in term customer, design and atmosphere.

      It’s also a reason for me too to keep looking for unique coffee shop that catch my attention and share it to everyone.

  2. Terima kasih buat nice review nya pak Tri 🙂 sekarang kami ( pindah ke ruko neo arcade blok C12 paramount serpong dgn jam operasional 9am-8pm 🙂

    • Terimakasih atas update infonya. Mohon diberitahukan alamat baru lengkapnya sehingga saya bisa update review saya.
      Paramount Serpong, lumayan jaraknya dari BSD. Jika saya sedang ada di Jakarta, saya akan mampir kesana.

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