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Dunkin Donuts


Dunkin Donuts was already familiar words for doughnut and coffee shop franchise originated from United States that started their chain business in Indonesia since 1980s. Nevertheless, the doughnut shop has became special memory for anyone who lived in Serpong since 1990s due it can be considered as the first true cafe in Serpong, particularly at Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD). The place has been open since the beginning of BSD township for 25 or 27 years as 2014.


The place still uses Dunkin Donuts old style system where customer pointed which doughnut he/she want and waiter will pick it from doughnuts display behind counter and it still operated today. It opposites to newer Dunkin Donuts cafe where it use self-service system and allows customer to pick his own doughnut by himself and pay it at cashier, except for sandwich, croissant, buns and drink which still need served by Dunkin Donuts waiters.


The doughnut shop already saw how much BSD township booming and development from single and suburb community into become a modern and integrated town located at outskirt of Jakarta . The place also experienced some bitter change of BSD’s people lifestyle and economics between 1990s and 2000s due economic crisis, recovery and growth result some change in people’s consumerism which still not recovered yet as today. The doughnut shop also lose some it’s old menu which popular in 1990s where fruit jam and creams filled doughnut was popular menu at the time. Meanwhile, ring doughnut and mochi-ring style doughnuts are popular option today.



The doughnut shop interior much preserved as it original condition in 1990s where stainless steel chair and table with orange color became sign of Dunkin Donuts shop at that time. Some of those chair and table set are still use today, except the shop add some sofa and low wood table for customer who bring family with them. In addition, Dunkin Donuts management installed a wifi system and TV screen inside the shop today while those thing are not available in the past.


Those interior change shift customer habit in Dunkin Donuts shop. Customer often visited the shop for take away order or read newspaper or magazine which available for free in the shop while have their breakfast in the past. They are prefer have lunch while watching TV or surfing internet use wifi system which available at Dunkin Donuts today.


Dunkin Donuts has best option for non coffee beverages, for instance, Hazelnut Latte, Tiramisu Latte, Vanilla Latte, Hot Chocolate and Chocolate milk are available for Rp 22.500,- IDR ($ 2.50 AUD). Cappuccino is cost same too. Meanwhile, hot Coffee, hot Tea and hot Milk were sold for Rp 18.500,- IDR ($ 1.85 AUD). Customer can add milk in their drink for Rp 5.000,- IDR ($ 25 cent AUD).

Cold beverages are include, Orange Juice, iced Lemon Tea, iced Chocolate, iced Coffee, iced Cappuccino, iced Green Tea, iced Jelly Green Tea and Pristine which available for Rp 14.500 – 22.500 IDR ($ 1.45 – 2.50 AUD). They are serve in medium or large size.


Doughnut is the belle (primadona) product of Dunkin Donuts for ages. The doughnut shop provide more than 100-200 variety of doughnuts in different and unique flavors, such as, lemon, vanilla, green tea, cream, toffee, cheese or glaze. Those doughnut can be buy Rp 8000,- IDR ($ 0.80 AUD) / each.

In addition, Dunkin Donuts also serve Boston Sandwich style with Beef Pastrami, Burger, Sliced Smoke Beef, Sliced Smoke Chicken, Sunny/egg or Tuna for Rp 26.000 – 32.000 IDR ($ 2.60-3.20 AUD). Meanwhile, they also provide Croissant Sandwich style too with Beef Pastrami, Burger, Sliced Smoke Beef, Roast Beef, Smoke Chicken, Tuna and Scramble egg for Rp 25.000 – 29.000 IDR ($ 2.50-2.90 AUD). Extra bun, plain croissant and egg only cost Rp 13.000,- IDR ($ 1.30 AUD).


Dunkin Donuts constantly create special or discount package either single doughnut with coffee or tea, croissant and orange juice for breakfast or quick lunch. Those package only available from 6 AM until 10 AM every week and only cost for Rp 15.000,- IDR ($ 1.50 AUD).



Unfortunately, reader can see the place building condition is deteriorate after years operate without sufficient maintenance. Other theory, it seems Dunkin Donuts only rent ground floor while other floor left unattended by tenants. There a gym or dance studio on the second and third floor in past. But they are empty today.

The doughnuts shop also can be considered as people history trend who familiar to Dunkin Donuts since their childhood time. A senior high school student could bought a plain or cream filled doughnut for Rp 4500 IDR ($0.45 AUD) on their way home from school in 1994. While they must pay for Rp 8000 IDR ($0.90 AUD) on their way return home after work, today. In summary, Dunkin Donuts is a historic link to BSD township that important for anyone whoever reside in BSD, Serpong.

Dunkin Donuts cafe at BSD should be remodeled or renovated without lose it’s old style due it will be iconic place of history BSD development achievement today where old people can bring their grandchildren and family to share and enjoy their old time experience. The place often become meeting place for businessman or local association who prefer sweet snack for their meal.

Dunkin Donuts location:

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu

Ruko Sektor IV Blok M/43-44

BSD, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia.

Phone: +62 021 5373080

Website: Dunkin Donuts Indonesia

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