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The Amsterdam


Long away from home, tropical weather and alien local cuisine sometimes break traveler’s spirit when they are in middle of exploring Indonesia. The case also true in Malang too. There many restaurants and cafes in Malang serve either Western or Indonesia cuisines but not all of them have authentic Western cuisine close for Westerner’s tongue.

The Amsterdam is one of local restaurant that try to introduces Western cuisine and meals similar to foreign restaurant. The restaurant has bakery, kitchen and bar style. The restaurant serves as bakery and restaurant in morning and afternoon, meanwhile, it changes to become restaurant and bar in evening and night. The Amsterdam serves beef steak, pasta, pizza, fish ‘n chips, chicken, burger, wines, beers and cocktails. In addition, the place provides good selection coffee, tea and milk based drink too for anyone who avoid alcohol beverage.



The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere similar English pub or restaurant. Nevertheless, the place is more orientates for young people than old people but it still able to satisfy both generation. The young lads like it’s private dining and friendly attitude while old people much appreciate it’s cozy and relax atmosphere. The place often sponsored party or gathering event on special occasion, such as, Christmas, World Cup Football, Thanksgiving, Easter, Chinese New Year, etc.


As previously mentioned, the Amsterdam has kitchen style where it different from other restaurant where it’s kitchen often located in back or corner the place instead it located at center of the restaurant. Visitors or customers can watch cook and kitchen staff activities prepare order from their table. Waiters often busy passing and bring customer’s order or waiting at kitchen entrance ready to serves any customer’s new order.


In addition, the restaurant has exclusive atmosphere too if the place has less visitors or not too crowded ideal for business meeting or formal lunch and dining. The Amsterdam interior was dominated by dark leather chairs and marble table. Each table ideals for a group of two or four people. The table and chairs can be rearrangement for accommodate larger group more than four people if needed for specific occasion, such as, party, meeting family gathering, reunion, etc.

Nevertheless, the Amsterdam often too crowded and noisy when it opens as bar and restaurant in evening and night. Unless, visitors want to get a pin of beer and don’t mind with it’s noise or hang out with other travelers or expatriate which occasionally show up in the place.

The best time to visit the Amsterdam is around morning until afternoon where there less customers at that time. Visitors often increase around evening until midnight time where they always reserve specific table for their friends gathering or meeting.



Meanwhile, the Amsterdam terrace has semi outdoor atmosphere. Its dominates by wooden park chairs and low table or simple wooden chairs with long table ideal friends gathering or party. The wind occasionally sweep into the restaurant terrace makes the place ideal for any smoker who want to enjoy their smoke while has their lunch or coffee. The plant wall also provide cover visitor who sit outside from dust or rain water. The terrace is excellent place in rainy weather too where cool and wet wind breeze sweep inside will bring fresh feeling and good time for enjoying a cup hot coffee or chocolate while reading a magazine or book.


The Amsterdam is an exclusive restaurant where customer expects it has best cuisines and drinks selection. Their coffee based drinks are better and serve in professional manner too. They are include, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Hazelnut, Flat White, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, etc. Meanwhile, the place also serves Frappuccino with various flavor, such as, Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, chocolate, and many more. Hot or cold coffee drinks are priced for Rp 22.000-30.000 (IDR) or $2.20-3.00 (AUD).

The restaurant also serve ice/cold beers, for instance, Hoegaarden, Corona, Guinness, San Miguel, Heineken and Bintang. Small bottle cost start from Rp 17,000-60,000 (IDR) or $1.70-6.00 (AUD). On other hand, large bottle will cost around Rp 32,000-40,000 (IDR) or $3.20-4.00 (AUD). The place serve Sangria and Mojito cocktail with Strawberry, Lychee, Kiwi or Melon flavor. There some wine selection too if visitor want to drink wine.


Beside coffee, the Amsterdam serves a good selection hot tea, for example, Chamomile, Earl Gray, Green Jasmine, English Breakfast and Blackcurrant. Meanwhile, there ice flavored tea ideal for enjoyment in hot or warm day. They are include, Lychee, Strawberry, Lemon Mint and Mango Cucumber. Hot tea priced from Rp 11,000-20,000 (IDR) or $1.10-2.00 (AUD). On other hand, Ice flavored tea got price tag for Rp 17,000 (IDR) or $1.70 (AUD).


There wide selection of cuisines menu served at the Amsterdam either as brunch, light meal or snack. Brunch or main course are include, Tenderloin Brown Sauce, Sirloin Black Pepper, BBQ Grill Chicken, Chicken Cordon Blue and Cheese burger which priced from Rp 22,000-55,000 (IDR) or $2.20-5.50 (AUD). On other hand, the restaurant has more Light meal list, such as, Smoked Beef & Cheese Fusilli, Fettuccine Carbonara, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Meat Lover Pizza, Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza and Garlic & Mushroom Pizza. They also serve local cuisine as light meals too, for instance, Indonesia Fried Rice and Fried Kwetiau Noodle. Light meals are priced from Rp 20,000-40,000 (IDR) or $2.00-4.00 (AUD).

Snacks which the place serve are include, French Fries Aglio Olio, Seaweed & Cheese Waffle Fries, Rosemary BBQ Wedges, Crispy Tofu with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and Bitterballen. Those snacks have price tag from Rp 12,000-16,000 (IDR) or $1.20-1.60 (AUD).


One interesting thing about the Amsterdam is it sometime becomes a photography spot for local fashion magazine or wedding photography session. Visitors who visit the restaurant at same time as photography session shouldn’t worry about it due the session often already arranged under guidance of employee so it will not disturb other visitor lunch time. The restaurant allow photo session for hourly fee around Rp 100,000 (IDR) or $10.00 (AUD).

In summary, the Amsterdam restaurant is a good place for lunch or dinner for traveler who visit Malang. The place looks like a high class restaurant but it still has budget menu for anyone who want saving their money. The restaurant is still affordable for local budget too. Traveler who longing his/her home country should visit this restaurant as it will help recharge his travel spirit or determination while he are in middle traveling Indonesia.

The Amsterdam location:

Jl. Pahlawan Trip no. 25

Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Phone no. +62 0341 566 536

(Attention: the map was older version where it should stated as Jl Pahlawan Trip instead Jl. Terusan Surabaya).
Map picture

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