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Ladang Coffee

front side

Ladang Coffee Cafe is a colonial style cafe in Malang, East Java. The cafe located inside a former Dutch Administrator house in Art Deco style which very well preserved by the cafe owner or employees. It’s main attracting point is colonial and nostalgic atmosphere for visitor or traveler who visit the cafe. Elder people will instantly recognize their childhood time feeling, particularly, people who grow up in Dutch East Indie or British Malay colonial time.

guest room

Nevertheless, the cafe is a good place for young people too. It’s laid back atmosphere, antique ornaments, semi open style, medium room space with old big windows provide private feeling and natural atmosphere. Its an excellent place for visitors who want alone or read book quietly. Wind breeze occasionally sweep inside the room and provide fresh air too. Local customers often visit the cafe, particularly, young people for date, small friend gathering, play card game or just for read their favorite books accompany with a cup hot brewed coffee or tea.

The cafe provides free latest local newspaper, magazines and brochure mentioned upcoming local event or promote interesting place around Malang.

colonial window

watching street

As mention, the place was a former Dutch Administrator House had been remodeled for cafe where the first floor there available four semi open rooms with dark brown table sets include two or three chairs available. Each table set located next to big old windows facing park or yard which well maintain. Each room dominates by antique items such old grinder, espresso machine, colonial painting, old radio and even oil lamp decoration. Its provides nostalgic and colonial atmosphere inside the cafe.

stairs to 2nd floor

second floor

The stairs to second floor located next to front door of the cashier room. It’s little bit hidden so people sometimes missed or ignore it and go straight to other room in first floor without realize it and regret it later. There three rooms available upstairs. The rooms were much better, private and quite for visitor who want spend his quality time.

2nd floor 1st room 2nd floor 2st room

2nd floor main room

The rooms upstairs were dominated by brown low tables with two or three chairs each set. The room was ideal for meeting, date or read book with less disturbance. The wind also more fresh and often breeze inside room than first floor. Its just looks like the whole room rented just for you. The casement window is help prevent if wind blowing too much and can be half close according to customer preference. The views from second floor is good too where visitor can watch bird in trees, people activities below or opposite road and calm himself with a cup coffee. The room also good spot for photography session too.

Coffee latte and red velvet cake

Beside colonial atmosphere, the cafe serves good selection of coffee drink, drink base coffee, milk drink, ice coffee and frappe, even milkshake. Ladang Coffee cafe provides cakes, sandwich and local snack. For instance, cakes, waffle, shrimp roll, cheese cassava, fried cheese banana, chicken sandwich, French fries, etc. In addition, the cake selection are include, Opera cake, Mango cake, Tiramisu cake, Red velvet cake and Chocolate roll or ball. The snack and light meals cost around Rp 15,000-25,000 (IDR) or $1.50-3.00 (IDR).

Coffee Latte

Ladang Coffee Cafe provides good selection of local coffee beans for black coffee or drink base coffee. The Arabica and Robusta coffee bean selections are include, Aceh Gayo, Sumatera Lithong, Mandheling, Java Djampit, Bali Kintamani, Bali Wash, Bali Bluemoon and many more. Meanwhile, the cafe also serves drink base coffee, such as, coffee latte, mocha latte, tiramisu latte, hazelnut latte, cappucino, vanilla espresso latte, Irish latte, etc. In addition, the place provide ice coffee drink or frappe for anyone who prefer cold drinks.

The coffee beans sell for Rp 20,000 (IDR) or $2.00 (AUD) per bag and employee available grinded the customer’s bean for free. The coffee drink, drink base coffee, ice coffee or frappe prices range from Rp 24,000-28,000 (IDR) or $2.50-3.00 (AUD).

Red velvet cake

The cakes are better and cheap too. Particularly, the Red Velvet cake is a good one when it enjoy accompany by a mug or cup of coffee latte. The latte hinted coffee bitter add fresh fruit sweetness melted inside mouth was a bliss as customer enjoy them. The coffee and cake are recommended for visitor who want read book, not in hurry or kill time. The cake price is cheap for Rp 10,000 (IDR) or $1.00 (AUD) and customer who order cake will get free a glass water too.

Ladang coffee cafe from opposite street

There a Wifi facility in the cafe but local customer claimed its too slow for medium or heavy internet activities, such as, Youtube, skype session, etc. The cafe only provide local reading material in bahasa Indonesia language and even there one or two English language magazine or newspaper often outdate.

Visitor who visit the place should bring their own book or will be get boring due lack activities until his/her order served for them. The internet connection should limited to check and write email only.

Ladang Coffee cafe is good place for enjoy coffee or socialize with friends. However, it has slow service due the fact it’s barista need time prepares his best coffee beans or drink for his customer. It took some time and visitor recommend to spend his time by reading book or chat with friend while their order prepared. In summary, its not a suitable place for visitor who impatient or in hurry situation.

On the other hand, customer can wait next to barista stall if he/she want a quick order so the barista understand it and priority his/her order first.

Nevertheless, the slow service is only small minor compare than quality coffee drink, cake and meals which serve to customer. The employees knew the cake cannot be serve too early until the coffee drink is ready due it design to enjoy it accompany by a cup coffee or drink otherwise the cake would gone when the drink serve to customer. They also knowledgeable when customer ordered light meals waiters will recommend an appetizer so customer can enjoy appetizer first while their meals being prepared.

Ladang Coffee cafe  like much other local cafes in Malang don’t have corporate or business website. It only has a facebook and twitter page but they aren’t update too.

Ladang Coffee cafe is located at,

Jln. Guntur, No.31, Malang,

East Java, Indonesia.

Telp no. +62 0341 2994499.

Map picture

4 thoughts on “Ladang Coffee

    • Sorry if my language wasn’t clear for you. Yes, it was great place to enjoy the town atmosphere at fullness. I even made a rough paper draft of this post in there before typed it in laptop later at home.

      Its better place than well known tourist place at Malang. Foreign traveler should visit this place if they visit the town.

  1. The place actually well known by locals but it still beneath radar of foreigner traveler who visit Malang so I decided to informed it. Tourists often concentrate in the town railway station, town’s main square, colonial road line and local museum without explore little bit further.

  2. i could see myself spending time at this coffee shop. only because it has that dutch colonial feel that i often find inviting for a coffee place. i do hope the staff knows well on coffee making, otherwise, it would easily kill the enjoyment of the place.

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