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My Kopi-O!


My-Kopi O! is much looks like a restaurant than cafe as their brand statement but it does has same atmosphere cafe or coffee shop. The place is a restaurant located in next of Malang Town Square Mall, one of busiest place in Malang, East Java. The restaurant orientation is heavily imitates Kopi Tiam coffee shop style which has been well known in Asia. No wonder, the place is best for friends gathering, dates, business meeting and family lunch in Malang town.

It’s location in front of a retail centre named, MX Mall Malang, provide strategic reason as meeting or waiting point. The courtyard tables were best place for waiting  someone or observing people daily life in the town. In addition, the restaurant was next to local University and college where its a best place for study or working student’s assignment while wait for next class schedule too.


When customers enter the place they will feel a cafe atmosphere, barista busy with their espresso machine making customer’s drink and waiters are constantly passing through deliver order or writing customer’s order, while cashier calculated bills. It does much looks like a cafe or coffee shop atmosphere than a restaurant.

More importantly, the liqueur shelf, the pantry ornaments, cooler box display, sample of coffee beans jars and advertisement menu display add strong presence the place as a cafe. My-Kopi O! is also becomes famous place among foreign traveler who visit Malang to spend their afternoon time or observe local people daily life. They particularly like to seat outside for smoking or inside for lunch while enjoy their coffee or tea.


The inside tables were designed for student gathering or study. The seats are dominated by dinners cozy leather seats, while tables mostly wood or white marble one. The place also provide study lamps hanging on wall ready use for students or traveler who want get more lighting for read their books. The place often full at lunch or evening time due everyone want to use the light for read books or need electric plug for power up their laptop.



Once again, the ornaments and display items were eye catching for visitors who visit the restaurant remind them about 60 and 70 decade style. Such as, Old radios, black white television, old bottles, tins flask, old kettle, metal lunch box , gold fish bowl and many more decorate inside the cafe. They even have rare tea sets and teapot from clay which popular in past. The tea set and tea pot often served together with lump sugar and hot strong tea ideal to enjoy together in small group people or couple.


However, the restaurant tend too bright inside, particularly on bright day or midday due pair big windows hanging above entrance door. The sunlight often too dazzled for anyone who read a book at the time and increase temperature slightly inside the restaurant. It should have curtain for open and close windows for bright day.


On other hand, My-Kopi O! is best place for anyone who want to enjoy their time or meeting other people. Cozy atmosphere, semi-open style, good but not too slow service and sometime cool wind breeze sweep inside it add fresh feeling who visit the place and enjoy their lunch or dinner time. The restaurant should be visit around afternoon or evening where it isn’t too bright outside or warm dusk light slowly dim before replace by restaurant lighting interior add point plus to this place.

Teh Tarik  IMG_4322

There some menu which catch my attention when I visit My-Kopi O!. The first one is Teh Tarik or Kopi Tarik. They were either hot dark coffee or tea served in Malay style, the barista would juggled the coffee or tea several time for cooling process then served it to customer in cup with or without sweet condensate milk. Teh Tarik or Kopi Tarik can be distinguished from regular coffee or tea by foam overflow in top of it. It often served together with one or two small cookies.

There also cold version of Teh Tarik or Kopi Tarik instead it was served in tin glass with ice cubs and straw. The ice drink taste was too strong in it’s first seep and can leave bad taste for anyone who not accustomed to it. But the problem can be solve if customer add some water to weary it’s strong flavor until it reach customer’s preference taste.

Teh Tarik or Kopi Tarik were priced around Rp15,000 (IDR) or $1.50 (AUD) for a cup or glass. A bottle water cost for Rp8000 (IDR) or $0.80 (AUD). It still tolerable price menu for locals and designed for budget traveler too.

Ice lychee Soda

The second one is Ice Lychee Soda drink a good and refresh ice soda drink that popular in My-Kopi O!. The ice drink is combination lychee, lemon, liquid sugar and soda water served in jar type glass with ice cubes, skinless lychee fruit and mint leaf on top of it. The drink is particularly a good one when consume in bright or hot day. It leaves a fresh, sweet and cool feeling for anyone who drink it. Ice Lychee Soda should drink slowly while customer has lunch, chat with people or read books.

Ice Lychee Soda cost around Rp20,000 (IDR) or $2.00 (AUD) for each glass.

My-Kopi O! is actually a franchise restaurant that has been expanded from Surabaya to other major city or town in Java island, Indonesia. They have been established since 2010 and it’s outlet grow ever since that time. They even have been established franchise outlet outside Java island, such as, in Bali, Makassar (Sulawesi), Banjarmasin & Balikpapan (Kalimantan/Borneo) and Medan (Sumatera).

They can be reached through social media in My-Kopi O! facebook and My-Kopi O! twitter.

My-Kopi O! Malang address is located at,

Jl. Veteran no. 8 (MX Mall), Malang

East Java, Indonesia.

Telp no. +62 0341 550391.

Map picture

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