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Ropang Tempo Doeloe


It has been for quite awhile I write budget coffee shop. This time, I will introduce ‘Ropang Tempo Doeloe’ coffee shop. It’s a budget coffee shop which quite popular for high school students and young people near my home. The coffee shop was located between other shops in commercial row made it little bit hard to identified for new customers.

It can be recognize through a dark brown signboard with a slice white toast sign. Other marker of this place is there white wooden fences surround it’s outdoor premise. The place often crowded by motorcycles parking in front of it too.


When customers enter the coffee shop they will welcomed by a waiter who ask if customer want inside or outside table and how many people customer bring into it. Ropang Tempo Doeloe’s counter was located next to kitchen in front of coffee shop so customer will has experiences watch cook preparing his/her order.

In addition, customer can order light snack while he is waiting his order, such as, fried peanut and cracker which hanged in plastic bags above kitchen. The coffee shop often has promotion which write down in chalk board in it’s entrance.


When I visited the coffee shop last time. They had coffee drip promotion which introduced Vietnamese coffee drink style. The coffee serves in glass and drip canister above it. Coffee will drip slowly into glass below filled with hot water and condensate sweet milk as time passed. Unlike other place, it also accompanied with small metal tray for drip holder and small glass of sugar for sweetness coffee if customer think it is too bitter.


IMG_3622 IMG_3616

The toast was splendid. Their corned beef double toasts with mayonnaise and spicy sauces is tasty and tender. The toast were thick twice than normal toast and sliced into 16 pieces so it can satisfy any hungry customer. Spicy flavor which became signature of Indonesian tastes made it took some time to eat it. A good way to consume it is slowly pace while occasionally drink a glass water which provide by coffee shop for free.

In addition, customer can ask waiter to get tomato sauce instead spicy one for his toast if he cannot stand spicy flavor when order his meal. Please to do it when you order meal or you will regret it later.

Beside corned beef toast, Ropang Tempo Doeloe coffee shop serves egg toast, cheese toast and, corned beef & egg scramble toast. There also combination of three of it too.

Meanwhile for sweet toast, they provide strawberry, peanut, pineapple, blueberry jam, chocolate or sugar sprinkle toast, and ice cream toast. The ice cream has vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavor too.



The outdoor and indoor interior of coffee shop were dominate by wooden seat and table enough for accommodate four customers each table. They only provide two tables for outdoor. Meanwhile, six or eight tables are available for indoor.

The coffee shop indoor interior was painted brown and cream wallpaper so it gave dark and shade atmosphere even in bright day. On the other hand, it lead into low light and not suitable for anyone who want to read newspaper or book inside coffee shop. Customer can ask waiter to turn on interior light if they feel it not enough bright inside.

Nevertheless, the best place to enjoy Ropang Tempo Doeloe coffee shop was located outside. It bright and windy give openness and wide atmosphere. It located next to road so customer can watch traffic flow while waiting their coffee cool enough. The outdoor tables is even better if customer visit  the coffee shop after rain due it give fresh and cool windy atmosphere.


The coffee shop provide stock of daily newspapers and magazines for customer who want read while enjoy his coffee. Even more, they are provide chess box for anyone who want to play chess. Its a good place for socialize, hang out, play chess game and read books.


Customer can also read illustrations of meals and type toasts at billboard above kitchen and counter which offered by the coffee shop. It was wrote in chalk board with color chalk so customer can get summary what kind meal serve in coffee shop.


Beside toast, Ropang Tempo Doeloe coffee shop also has instant noodles menu in their shop. There different flavor of instant noodles which customer can try, for instance, meatball, corned beef, egg and even plain flavor or combination from previous flavor. Most interesting thing, they serve noodle in jumbo and regular sizes. It’s big enough to satisfy any customer.

As previous mentioned, Ropang Tempo Doeloe coffee shop is a budget coffee shop. It ideal place for anyone who have limited budget want to enjoy good coffee and cheap satisfy meals.

They serve hot coffee, tea and condensate milk around Rp 5000 IDR up to Rp 7000 IDR. Coffee milk, cappuccino and drip coffee cost for Rp 7000 IDR and Rp 12000 IDR. One interesting, their hot coffee are serve in tin/metal mug with wood handgrip instead ceramic cup so it faster to cool down. Other drinks beside coffee are serve in large glass. Customer can ask waiter for free refill hot water if he want more so it will be double their enjoying time.

Surprisingly, cold drinks like soft drinks, ice soda with milk, ice lemon, ice tea and ice coffee are available for Rp 1500 IDR to Rp 7000 IDR.

Salty and sweet toasts menu, such as, corned beef toast, egg toast, cheese toast, strawberry toast, chocolate toast and other toast only priced for Rp 5000 IDR to Rp 12000 IDR.

Jumbo or regular instant noodle with beef cornet, egg, meatball and cheese are available for Rp 7000 IDR to Rp 17000 IDR. Plain instant noodle only cost for Rp 5000 IDR.

Anyone who want spend long time for hang out, socialize, play chess and read their favorite book should consider Ropang Tempo Doeloe coffee shop as their potential destination. It’s good place to hang out without dig your pocket too deep.

It’s also a good example of Indonesian traditional coffee shop for tourists who want experiences local coffee culture while in middle of backpacking in Indonesia.

Map picture

Location: Ruko Versailles, Jln Griya Loka Raya, no.2, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open time 08.00 AM to 11.00 PM.


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