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McDonalds was always related to fast food and burger chain. Nevertheless, McDonalds have cafe subsidiary named McCafe. Its cafe which located inside fast food restaurant.

According to information in internet, McCafe was found in Melbourne, Australia, at 1993. It was brainchild one of McDonalds’s franchiser, Ann Brown, who want to bring a cafe atmosphere into McDonalds restaurant. It works well and accepted by market. Its later expanding into globally into rest of the world, include Indonesia.

McCafe is aimed to accommodate people who want have espresso and Latte while eating their cheese burger or Fillet n Fish in the morning or afternoon. Its heavily influenced by coffee culture in Australia where people always crowded nearest McDonalds store on the way to their workplace just to get their take away burger or coffee in early morning.



The cafe’s counter is designs in funky and modern contemporary style aimed to attract young people to visit and buy coffee. Nevertheless, it’s customer also adult and elder people who want to enjoy their espresso and cappuccino while watching their children have burger.


There only two size cup and glass serve in McCafe. Regular and Large size. The cafe is offers variety hot coffee drink, such as, Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Long Black, Flat White, Mocha, Vienna, Cafe Latte, Vienna Latte, Vanilla, Caramel and Irish Latte.

Meanwhile for ice coffee drink, they are serve iced Coffee, iced Cappuccino, iced Cafe Latte, iced Vanilla Latte, iced Caramel Latte and iced Irish Latte.

Customer can orders non coffee beverages if he/she doesn’t like coffee. The cafe serves hot Chocolate and hot tea. There also, iced chocolate, Choco, Latte, Mango and Mocha Frappes.

Coffee and chocolate drinks have price tag around Rp 11000 IDR up to Rp 25000 IDR based on ingredients and cup or mug size.


Beside coffee and tea drinks, McCafe are sell various cakes. There cheese cake, blueberry cake, strawberry cake, tiramisu cake, chocolate cake and black forest cake. They are perfect companion for your coffee.

One interesting about cakes in McCafe. They were sold in flat prices tag, all the cake are cost only Rp 20000 IDR each slice.


In addition, the cafe also provide croissant, muffins and cheese stick for appetizer of your coffee if you don’t like too much sweet thing. They are flat priced too for only Rp 10000 IDR per pack.

I think its market strategy by McDonalds where they are subsidies McCafe through McDonalds’s burger chain so the cafe can boost it selling by offer flat and affordable cost for customer  who want to enjoy coffee and cake without less than Rp 50000 IDR.

The market strategy also help McCafe to gain market segment of people who want enjoy good coffee while not take deep too much of their wallet.

IMG_3513 IMG_3514

McCafe offers nine different tea leaf bag for customer to enjoy their tea. They are include English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green tea, Chamomile, Vanilla, Peppermint, Citrus tea, Strawberry tea and Peach tea. They are cost only Rp 10000 IDR (small size) to Rp 16000 IDR (regular size). Customer can order their tea in cup or tea pot. Both of them can be refill as request.

In addition, the cafe also offer extra syrups if customer like add flavor or sweetness to their drink. There three syrups which are include Caramel, Vanilla and Irish syrups. They only cost Rp 4000 IDR each shot.



As previously mentioned, the cafe is located next to McDonalds’s burger counter so there possibility customer feels crowded atmosphere due people queue for ordering burger in next counter or children who play inside the cafe too. In addition, there people who eat and leave without put their trash in dust bean which provide by fast food restaurant. It will create dirty or mesh feeling for people who want to enjoy coffee in a clean cafe.

Nevertheless, McCafe was designed to accommodate people who bring their family member, particularly children to enjoying burgers while customer can have their coffee at same time. The children can play and socialize with other kids at same age in close environment where parents can supervise or watch them due McCafe is also located next to the only front door of restaurant so customer can see people in and out the restaurant clearly.


The indoor cafe mostly consist a pair leather seats and tea table which comfortable to sit in it. McCafe only provided 3 indoor table with 6 seats so customer has to share table in restaurant section if they are full.

DSC_0265  DSC_0257

There outdoor seat and table for people who want smoke while enjoying their coffee. Most them consist aluminum chairs and tea table. The outdoor tables are good one for people who want to hang out or socialize with their friends and family members in large number. For instance, a birthday party where mother can socializes with other ladies while their children can celebrate their birthday party. McDonalds have a program for birthday party too. Nice place.


Other interesting that make McCafe different from other cafe is they introduce funky and modern lifestyle which reflected by their counter wallpaper that show up mural illustration.



Fortunately, McCafe due its incorporated into McDonalds chain as 24 hours fast food restaurant so the cafe is open 24 hours too. Customers can visit and have their espresso or cappuccino anytime, even in middle of night or very early morning. Its an excellent place for writer who want to looking inspiration or a person who wake too early and cannot sleep again he can spend his time in McCafe quietly.

The cafe was quite and clean place if customer visit it outside working hour or middle of night where other people already sleep.

Map picture

Location: McDonalds BSD, BSD, Jln Pahlawan Seribu, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open hours: 24 hours. Website: McCafe (Indonesia)


10 thoughts on “McCafe

  1. I’ve seen a few of these around and have actually been quite impressed the few times I’ve purchased a coffee from one. On a side note, Tri Wahyu, I am quite impressed by your bio at the top of this page…TAFE certified in Hold Barista and Industrial Hygiene? Pretty cool, congrats on your achievements.

    • Thanks for your comments. Its quite flattering mine, nevertheless, I still need to reshape my skill further.
      Hope you like my reviews in the future.

  2. I first discovered McCafes in Europe, then in Australia and even Thailand and was really surprised at how popular they were for coffee drinks. In USA (at least in California where I’m originally from) McDonald’s is pretty “taboo” and most people wouldn’t even think to head to McDonald’s for an espresso drink, but McCafe has done a really good marketing job abroad (and I thought it was pretty cool that in France they actually have macaroons, and here in Italy they have desserts like tiramisu and other Italian specialties). Nice informative post 🙂

    • I never know there a prejudice or “taboo” mindset about McCafe’s product in USA due it’s sister company who well known for largest burger chain, low cost and junk food.
      In my experience, McCafe is good place because they sell coffee products in same or flat prices so it will not too hurt my wallet if I want Latte with BigMac burger.
      I have to paid more if I get a burger in McDonald then buy a coffee at other place, such as, Starbuck or Coffee Bean.
      Thanks for Italian info.

      • Oh, I meant the growing “taboo” mindset about McDonald’s in general in parts of USA as people are trying to be more health conscious (at least where I am from in San Francisco) … but I never experienced McCafe in USA and I don’t even know if they exist actually. I’ve been in Europe the past three years, and know that they are very popular over here 🙂 I agree with you about McCafe being a good value-for-money, low-cost option with great options to select from!

  3. i have recently returned from a trip to melbourne this past holiday. i learned that melbourne is a great place for coffee lovers. there are so many independent coffee shops and all serve great quality coffee. i also learned that all mcdonald places in australia seems to have that upscale-cafe decor and atmosphere. the very opposite from a typical fast-food feel to the mcdonald places in united states, where it originated from. they even have create-your-own-burger thing in australia, making mcdonald’s burger more of a gourmet touch that we don’t get to see at any mcdonald in other countries.

    • Really. I spent my study time in Melbourne too. But, I never knew there create-your-own-burger scheme when I lived in there. That thing must be promote by McDonald recently.
      Have try to make your own burger?

      • nope. i basically avoided McD. lol. i focused more on getting my diet based on meat pies, sausage rolls, lamington cake, scones, coffees, gelato and italian cuisine.

  4. oh. it’s nothing to do with temptation. i’m not a big fan of McD. i just wanted to have pure aussie food experience during my travel there. so i didn’t see a reason why i should go for a McD when i can get it anywhere else outside aussie. i rather have fish and chips and meat pies rather than a regular burger. i didn’t even go Hungry Jacks. but i do miss McD fish-o-fillet burger. i used to have it weekly, back when i attended school in Perth yonks ago. lol.

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