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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Cafe counter

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was the second popular cafe in Indonesia after Starbuck Coffee chain. The cafe originated from United States which started back as far 1963 and had been expanding into the World, particularly, Asia. It’s chains which open in Asia have been modified for Asia culture customs and taste. Its an interesting fact that make The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf different from other international cafe.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are cafe that not only specialized in high quality coffee and variety coffee beverages, they are even provide as far as high quality tea leaf and tea drink line. It something which cannot perfectly cover by other cafe yet.

Black Coffee

A good way to identify good cafe is through how they brew hot black coffee, serve to customer and taste it. Best coffee is it never upset your stomach, has ideal temperature or cool enough when you finish eat your meal, and is serve in perfect size cup which can satisfy most customer. Not too small cup that make customer has to order coffee again and not too big cup which lead waste coffee.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are able to serve that criteria black coffee to it’s customer. The coffee serve in perfect size cup with white and brown sugar ready to sweeten it.

Beside black coffee, the cafe provides various coffee based beverages, such as, Cafe Latte, Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Macchiato, White Chocolate Latte and Hazelnut Latte. There also Ice coffee, Ice Cappuccino, Ice Latte, Ice Caramel Latte, etc.

There also tea based drink, for instance, hot tea, Vanilla Tea Latte, Macha Tea Latte and even as far weird one, Chocolate Tea Latte. They also serve Ice tea, Ice Tea Lemonade, Ice Tea Vanilla, Ice Tea Chocolate, Frozen Lemonade, Mucho Mango, etc.

Chocolate beverages are include in their list too, for instance, hot Chocolate and hot Vanilla. They are serve variety ice blended chocolate, such as, The Original Chocolate,Original, Dark Chocolate Ice Blended, White Chocolate Ice Blended, Hazelnut Ice Blended, Black Forest Ice Blended, etc.

Beef Pastrani

Beside coffee and tea, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are serving breakfast, lunch and appetizer too. Most of the meals are mixed of American, English or Continental breakfast and lunch style with fork and knife. They are include, Beef Pastrami, Chicken Pastrami, pumpkin soup, etc.

Their Beef Pastrami was particularly good and soft when you chew it and not too salty or oily.

Food display

The cafe also provide cakes, muffins, croissant and pastry if customer don’t want to have heavy meals for their lunch or dinner. Cakes and muffins are pretty good companion for the coffee too. They provide wide variety of muffins, such as, poppy seed muffin, chocolate muffin, choco chips muffin, vanilla muffin, etc. Meanwhile for cakes there are tiramisu cake, black forest cake, fruit cake, cheese cake and many more stock.

Cafe's sofa

Cafe's row couch

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafe at Teraskota Mall is dominate by red cozy sofa with low table for their indoor exterior. There also long blue couch and rattan chair if you don’t like sit in sofa. Meanwhile, the cafe also provides outdoor seats which mostly hard rattan chair  and tea table. The outdoor exterior was good for smoking due it in Mall’s terrace where the windy often breezing slowly. Ideal for smoker who want enjoy their cigarettes and coffee.

cafe atmosphere

The cafe was locate next to Mall’s lobby so people often passing it. There lack of privacy so it isn’t ideal place for meeting or people have private conversation. Its also often too bright and hot due the cafe locate near glasses lobby where sunlight can gone through to it when sunny day or near dusk time.

big umbrella

Nevertheless, the management provides portable shade umbrella which can be raise during day and afternoon when necessary. The umbrella is quite eye catching for people who passing it. In addition, the cafe is perfect meeting spot due it locate next to lobby and Mall’s front entrance where customer who make appointment with other person can easy and quick to be recognize.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s coffee, tea and chocolate beverages are priced around Rp 18000 IDR to Rp 45000 IDR either as hot or cold drink. They only provide regular and large size cup or glass type.

Meanwhile for the meals, the cafe is offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menu starting from Rp 41000 IDR to Rp 51000 IDR. They usually serve in packet course although customer can order a la carte. Cakes and muffins are sell around Rp 23000 IDR to Rp 35000 IDR. Not too bad place while you waiting for your friends.

Map picture

Location: Teraskota Mall, BSD, Jln Kapten Soebianto Djojohadikusumo, Ground Floor, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open hours: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Website: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


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