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Ochakai bar counter

Ochakai is a small Japanese tea house with open bar style concept. Its unique place where people can socialize, hang out and reading their favorite books and newspaper due it still rare for tea house, particularly, Japanese’s style in Indonesia. The management seem have extensive knowledge about Japanese culture and they want to introduce it to Indonesian.

Ochakai seat area

Ochakai tea house

As you can see, the tea house has designed as open and bar style where customers can have their time by sitting in pair chairs, row chairs or bar chairs in bar counter facing bartender.

Nevertheless, the tea house has limited space and lack of privacy due it openness atmosphere lead customers cannot have meeting or private conversation. In addition, some Indonesian are not accustomed have people passing them in public space like people in overseas yet.

On the other hand, Ochakai is best place for couple or family spend their time due it locate next to the mall’s supermarket. Spouse or boyfriend can has his tea time while their wife or girlfriend spend their shopping time quietly. Children also can have fun time in this place due they can enjoy hot tea drink, ice milk tea or frappe which more healthy than beverages in other place.

menu board

The tea house provide menu board above bar counter where customer can choose their order wisely.

Customers can find the tea house after they walk 300 or 500 meter from Mall’s front entrance. Its located next to supermarket and in opposite side of plaza. You cannot miss it.

tea preparation remove tea cap

move tea filter hot tea ready

One thing that authentic about this tea house. They serve their hot tea differently from other tea house or cafe which I ever visit all this time. The hot tea serves in a tall canister and a small glass. Customer who want to enjoy the tea must follow this instruction:

First, customer open canister’s cap and let it cool for awhile. Please use tissue or napkin to cover your hand when remove the cap due it high temperature or it can burn your skin. Customer can see tea leaf falling to bottom of canister as tea brew inside the canister.

Second, you can slowly remove tea filter inside canister when you feel the tea brew enough by use bulging lip which part of the filter. Caution, the filter is hot too. The canister’s cap can be use as tray for the filter.

Lastly, customer can enjoy his/her tea by pouring it into small glass provide earlier. There pair green handle in canister which can be use to pour tea safely without burn your hand. It will be better if costumer enjoy the tea by sip it slowly according to small glass size

One good thing when you order hot tea is you can get free refill for your hot tea. That a good value of Ochakai. You will like it.

Japanese snack display

Beside tea, they also serve traditional Japanese’s snack or appetizer such as, Mochi, Manju, Dorayaki, Senbei (rice cracker), Yokan, Wagashi and other Japanese snack.

bar seat

chair and table

Ochakai seat area is dominates by pair green chairs and tables ideal for one or two customer hang out. Other sitting area row chairs and bar chairs next to bar counter where customer can watch how bartender or tea house employee make customer’s order.

display lighting

wall article

The tea house location beside next to supermarket is also in opposite side of Mall’s plaza. Customers can watch live music performance from his/her seat through tea house glass wall and in low noise rather on outside.

Ochakai serves variety hot tea and Japanese tea from Rp 16000 IDR to Rp 18000 IDR. Meanwhile, cold tea, frappe and tea cocktail price from Rp 20000 IDR to Rp 55000 IDR.

In summary, Ochakai is a good place where customers want to try Japanese taste and atmosphere without go to Japan. Its good place for rendezvous when you waiting for your family or partner while they doing shopping or go to bookstore in the mall.

Map picture

Location: Teraskota Mall, BSD, Jln Kapten Soebianto Djojohadikusumo, Ground Floor, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open hours: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM.


One thought on “Ochakai

  1. i would love to give this place a try, since i’m more of a tea person. i don’t think i have seen this brand of tea place before. hope to come across it in the near future.

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