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Cuppa Coffee

Cuppa Coffee cafe

Cuppa Coffee is local cafe & restaurant franchise which its begin sprouting in Mall and public space in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta area. The cafe usually open only indoor space, however, it’s branch which open in Teraskota Mall has different concept than other branch.

The cafe open in outdoor space which offer fresh and openness atmosphere which are still not common for cafe in Indonesia. Indonesian are not use have meeting, hang out or socialize in outdoor environment. They prefer doing those activities indoor space due privacy and cool air. Nevertheless, the limitation of indoor cafe is customer cannot smoking while inside it due it will disturb other customers and affect air circulation.

It was a component which offered by Cuppa Coffee’s branch at Teraskota Mall. The management want to invite people who smoking can smoke while they meeting, hang out or have lunch or dinner in the cafe without disturb other customer. The Cuppa Coffee cafe is designed as all outdoor cafe.

cafe counter

When customer enter the cafe, they can find table and wait until waiter come and provide menu or they just pick order while in counter. It would be better if customer choose later option due customer can choose type coffee and tea, or glass size which suitable for their taste in first place.

Vietnam drip coffee

The differences of Cuppa Coffee than other cafe is it provide Vietnam drip or drip coffee. It two stage coffee glass where can stage is filled with coffee and hot water while on glass stage is filled condensate sweet milk. The coffee will drip down into glass filtered through separator holder between can and glass result a clean hot coffee as time moving.

Vietnam drip coffee is best enjoy in slow and waiting until it’s last drip complete while customer read magazine or newspaper. It will help cool coffee temperature before customer drink it. In addition, customer could stirred condensate sweet milk if he/she feel the coffee was too strong for his/her taste. Please use handle provide in can if you want to remove the can stage or it will lead skin burn if you touch the can with bare hand due high temperature in cans surface.

Cuppa Coffee serves coffee beverages, such as, black coffee, caffe latte, flat white, espresso and cappuccino. They also provide non coffee drink, for instance caramel latte, green tea latte, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc.

In addition, the cafe provide cold drink too. Italian soda float and variety of frappucino with coffee and without coffee base.

cafe front area

The cafe divides into two area which are front area where dominate by chair and table for customer who like to get their coffee and meals while watching live music performance. This area is good one, particularly at night time, due it directly facing the Mall’s plaza. Its often full than other area when there live music performance.

dining area

The other area, it dominate by sofa and dining table where customers can have their lunch and dinner in cozy atmosphere and less disturb than previous area.

plaza front side

Mall interior

live music performance stage

The Cuppa Coffee at Teraskota Mall is located in ground floor next to the plaza. Customer just walk from Mall front entrance about 500 meters inside until he/she find the plaza entrance. The cafe is opposite side of plaza entrance. You will see sign title ‘Cuppa Coffee’.

The cafe is good spot to enjoy the Mall and it’s plaza space when customers visit it at night time. They can watch people walking around plaza, watch live music performance or just watching people in bookstore on second floor. The air cool and windy enough to bring fresh and relax atmosphere for customer.

Cuppa Coffee serves coffee beverages from from Rp 20000 IDR up to Rp 28000 IDR either hot or cold. They only provide two size for beverages, its medium or large cup and mug so customer will satisfied by the drink size.

Meanwhile, the cafe also provide heavy meals, such as, chicken or beef sandwich, pasta, mashed potato, hot pancakes, and light appetizer (chicken wings and nuggets). They are serve from Rp 25000 IDR up to Rp 40000 IDR.

Map picture

Location: Teraskota Mall, BSD, Jln Kapten Soebianto Djojohadikusumo, Ground Floor, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open hours 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Website: Cuppa Coffee


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  1. I’m glad that they also offer Vietnamese coffee. Gotta try this when I revisit Jakarta. Thanks for the post!

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