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Bangi KopiTiam

Bangi KopiTiam

Bangi KopiTiam was coffee shop franchise which try to combine 1960-1980 era atmosphere with modern taste flavor, particularly, Malacca peninsula or Southeast Asia, which have rich history of coffee culture. At the time, coffee culture was introduced and developed by Chinese immigrants who always visit coffee shop to had their coffee or tea in evening. The coffee shop is tries to reintroduce those atmosphere to present customers.

coffee shop interior

Old people have different reasons to visit the cafe due their nostalgia feeling of their childhood time when they often visit similar coffee shop with their parents. The coffee shop atmosphere still dominate by dark wood chair and table, plaster wall and some old advertising or pictures remind of past time. Meanwhile in each table there soy sauce, pepper bottles and tissue box ready use for customer. Those items become common sight in coffee shop at 1960-1980 era.

Meanwhile for young people, Bangi Kopitiam is good place to know how their parents or old folks in their family gather or socialize in past. The coffee shop is best place bridging young and old people to find out their similarities. If a father like his milk coffee while his son prefer caffe latte then you can guess where their root come from. Those coffee drink can be order in Bangi Kopitiam.

large milk coffee

Most coffee drink menu in Bangi KopiTiam are same like other coffee shop, such as, black coffee, kopi Tarik, milk coffee, white coffee (non acidic coffee), coffee chocolate, ice coffee, etc. In addition, the coffee shop also provide non coffee beverages, for instance, milk tea, assorted hot tea, lime tea, hot chocolate, ice tea, ice chocolate and even ice cream with Southeast Asia flavor. All hot drinks serve in cup while cold drink serve in tall glass.

For value it would better if customer order large hot coffee due it is serve in tall glass which will not easy to get done while it hot water will take longer for customer to consume it. The large hot milk coffee is good one too.

chicken egg sandwich

Next, the coffee shop also provide wide variety meals which identical from Southeast Asia coffee shop, for example, chicken egg sandwich, tuna sandwich, scramble egg sandwich, beef sandwich, chocolate toast, Kaya (egg, pandan leaf, sugar, coconut mixed jam) toast, half boiled egg toast, etc.

It recommended for customer has chicken egg sandwich due it taste better when it consume accompany by coffee or milk coffee. In addition, it can be consume either by hand or use fork and knife.

Bangi Kopitiam is not only a coffee shop. Its also a restaurant which serve Chinese cuisines, particularly wok serve dishes, such as, fried noodle, fish cake fried noodle, Tom Yam noodle (very spicy), Prawn noodle, etc. In addition, they also serve nasi lemak, fried rice, curry rice and other rice based cuisines.

coffee shop atmosphere

The coffee shop is offer relax and calm atmosphere where customers can have meeting, hang out, socialize or simple to enjoy their daily coffee or tea time. In Jakarta, Bangi Kopitiam is good place to spend your time by watching local broadcast and take your meal or coffee while waiting traffic jam dissolve in road.

Best time to visit this coffee shop at weekend or when there important soccer match in live broadcast. Customer can share his joy with other while watching the live broadcast.

kitchen wall

One interesting that catch my attention when visit this coffee shop was their kitchen wall were full of old advertising and Chinese old pictures which cannot be found anymore. Those advertising and picture were remind me of British or Dutch colonial era where you could expected saw worker took their lunch break in the coffee shop after moved heavy load from warehouse district.

The coffee drink cost around Rp 8000 IDR up to Rp 20000 IDR for either hot or cold drink. The best value is the large hot coffee or hot milk coffee only coast Rp 13000 IDR in tall glass while the small one is cost Rp 8000 IDR in cup.

Meanwhile for sandwich or toast price range from Rp 15000 IDR up to 28000 IDR based on how complexity of sandwich or toast customers order. The fried noodle and nasi lemak or rice curry can be cost for Rp 23000 IDR to Rp 30000 IDR.

Map picture

Location: Ruko Golden Madrid, Jln Jendral Sutopo, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open time 10.00 AM to 23.00 PM. Website: Bangi KopiTiam


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