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Coffee 5 ~lima~ cafe


Coffee 5 ~Lima~ cafe is a small family cafe located in Pasar Modern BSD. Its a family business that operated recently which aim for young people or housewives who want take a short break when they do shopping in Pasar Modern BSD. The owner purpose open this business is to provide small and simple cafe atmosphere while serve customer with cafe beverage quality in affordable price.


The cafe can be identified by brown coffee bean signboard with title ‘Kedai Kopi & Kue: Coffee 5 ~lima~’ or simply ‘Coffee and Cake Shop: Coffee 5 ~five~’ in English language. The cafe outdoor wall was painted blue so it would be eye catching.


Meanwhile the cafe indoor interior was covered by wood wallpaper which gave light and bright impression. The cafe only can accommodate 6 or 7 customers due its limited space available. As result, the place tend to crowded if full and customers often have to bump each other if he/she careless stand up inside. There also nuisance if one of customers smoke inside the cafe.

However, this limitation can be minimize due the owner provide the cafe with an air conditioner (AC) and cozy leather sofa row. In addition, there a flat TV screen hanging in wall which provide constant entertainment from video music clips, Top Gear TV show, MasterChef TV show for customers, etc. So, visitors don’t quickly feel boring when they are waiting in the cafe.

In addition, there a table and two seats chair with astray provide for smoker in front of cafe where they can smoke freely without disturb other customers. The smoker table is far enough from the AC so it will not affect cool air circulation.


Next, it is a hidden menu or specialty of Coffee 5 ~Lima~ cafe that each weekend the owner provide customers with limited supply of Sushi which can be maximize enjoyed accompany by a hot green tea. The cafe also provide warm apple pies and macaroni/meat scuttle which great too either for take away or have inside cafe.


As you can see here, the Sushi is wonderful and big enough divide into eight slices lead it can be longer enjoyed and satisfy any hungry customer or just simply good for accompany any drink which customer’s order. Its recommended black or green tea unsweetened so the sushi flavor not mixed by drink taste. The sushi can be order from Rp 15000 IDR up to Rp 20000 IDR depends on its flavor such as, dragon roll, tempura, sausage or egg and cucumber. Its worth enough as small meal if customer wants break from consume rice or bread.

Beside specialty menu which describe earlier, the Coffee 5 ~Lima~ cafe also provides variety coffee drinks from cappuccino, flat white, cafe au lait, espresso, caffee Affogato (ice cream espresso), espresso macchiato, picollo latte, caffee latte, etc. In addition, there also non coffee menu such as, hot chocolate, variety hot tea (english breakfast, earl grey, green tea, etc) and hot milk with caramel or hazelnut syrups. The drink can be order either as hot or cold drink from Rp 5000 IDR up to Rp 20000 IDR.

The owner also provide a small supply of rare luwak coffee or toraja coffee which sells around Rp 30000 IDR. Customer can enjoy the coffee if he/she lucky enough before the supply sold out.


One interesting fact about this cafe is they also sells Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer products (US original) with their pocket or strap holder accessories. There a lot of option of hand sanitizer products with variety aromas from flower, sweet, sea breeze, cold and refreshing, fruit taste, etc.

The hand sanitizer and accessories can be buy from Rp 27000 IDR up to Rp 70000 IDR based on simply or complexity of the products. Its more cheap if it’s simple but its expensive if it has complex aroma or detail.

The products are a booming trend at the moment, particularly for young girl, who like unique and eye catching bottle, aroma and strap holder for their school bag. Its a good place for mother who bring their children to the market so the children can preoccupied browsing the product while the mother do something else.

Map picture

Location: Pasar Modern BSD, Jln Jendral Sutopo, block K51 kiosk unit, North side. BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open time 06.00 AM to 03.00 PM. Closed on Friday


2 thoughts on “Coffee 5 ~lima~ cafe

    • Coffee and Sushi are good combination if you boring bread or cake when visit a cafe or coffee house.
      Those hand sanitizers are directly imported and not some cheap imitation product according to the coffee ship’s owner.

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