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Bengawan Solo Coffee

Bengawan Solo Coffee logo

Bengawan Solo Coffee is one among dozen of local cafe franchises which compete against international cafe franchise. Its aimed for young people or young couple who want to enjoy their coffee without spend too much money. Costumers can identify the cafe by circle brown coffee bean logo with title ‘Bengawan Solo Coffee’ which surrounding the logo.

cafe's entrance

The cafe is open a branch in Teraskota Mall, BSD, Serpong. It located in back side of Mall between Santika Hotel and shopping arcade at ground floor near Mall’s plaza. Costumers can find it by walking straight from entrance door about 500 meters until they spotted a plaza located in middle of the mall. The Bengawan Solo Coffee is located on right side of the plaza.

cafe counter

When customers are entering the cafe they will find cozy and relaxing atmosphere where low table with sofa or chair ready to be use by customers. The cafe counter situated in middle of room where baristas ready to pick up customer order.

Hot ginger tea

The Bengawan Solo Coffee is an traditional cafe which serve in modern way. As result, some of beverages which serve are based on traditional Indonesia coffee drink such as, black coffee (Toraja or Java coffee) and Java Avocado (frappucino coffee with avocado flavor). There also common cafe coffee beverages, for example, Cappuccino, Hazelnut Latte, Vanilla Latte, Caramel Latte, Caffe Latte, Coffee mocha and Vietnamese Milk Coffee.

There also non coffee based beverages, for instance, hot ginger tea, hot lemon lime tea, hot tea tarik and variety of ice or hot tea leaf.

There are 15 or 20 varieties of coffee, chocolate or tea beverages which customer can order for his/her drink. They can be ordered either hot or cold drink.

food display

The Bengawan Solo Coffee is like much other cafe also provide cake, small meals and snack beside, coffee, chocolate, milk or tea beverages. They are include beef or chicken puff, pastries, cinnamon roll, quiche, macaroni, lasagna and even Indonesia traditional one called fried or baked banana with chocolate sauce. They can be served either cold or warm. Customers can order barista to heat the sandwich, pastries or lasagna if they don’t like cold snack.

dried peanut and cake

Beside light meals and hot snack, the cafe also provide cheap and small snack, such as, peanuts and dried cake which great when they are consumed with coffee or tea. Unlike other cafe, Bengawan Solo Coffee sells peanuts and dried cake due common knowledge Indonesian always get peanuts or dried snack when they have their coffee or tea time, particularly when they are watching soccer match or live music performance.

cafe indoor atmosphere

The cafe interior was simple and relax atmosphere dominate by couch sofa and low table or row sofa with small table ready to be seated by customers.

wall display magazine stand

One interesting thing about the cafe’s interior is there red wallpaper hanging in wall with sentence ‘Ngombe Kopi’ or can be pronounce as ‘Drink Coffee’ in English language. Its sign to encourage customers to visit the cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee.

chair and table of indoor cafe

The cafe management are care enough to customers by provide magazine stands for read by customer which easy visible inside the cafe. The employees change or update the magazine each week. Most magazine which provide by the cafe are cover about lifestyle, politics and community news around BSD, Serpong.

outdoor cafe 1

outdoor cafe 2

The cafe also provide customer with outdoor seats beside indoor seats if customer want to get smoke or doesn’t like cool air from Air Conditioner (AC).

Mall's plaza

The Bengawan Solo Coffee was located on next side of Mall’s Plaza which each weekend provide life music performance. Jazz on Saturday, Pop on Sunday night and Country or Alternative music on Monday night.

The coffee, chocolate, milk and tea beverages priced around Rp 18000 IDR up to Rp 28000 IDR. There only small and medium size for take away cup. The cafe doesn’t provide glass or porcelain cup.

Meanwhile, light meals and snack prices range from Rp 15000 IDR to Rp 30000 IDR. The small and simple snack can be buy for Rp 5000 IDR up to Rp 10000 IDR.

Hot ginger tea is the best recommendation beverage in Bengawan Solo Coffee. Its warm, spicy and exotic feeling when you drink it, particularly when it consumes during rainy or windy day. The beverage is a traditional Indonesia drink which not well known in overseas yet. Its warm feeling is more strong than Chai Latte which already well known in overseas. You must try hot ginger tea when you visit Indonesia and feel the different. Try not consumes it on sunny or hot day due its give wrong perception about the drink.

Map picture

Location: Teraskota Mall, BSD, Jln Kapten Soebianto Djojohadikusumo, Ground Floor, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open hours 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM.


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