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The Kopi Tiam


The Kopi Tiam was a coffee shop located in North Eastern corner of Pasar Modern BSD. The coffee shop is best place and often use for family gathering, meeting place or a simply place for couple where husband waiting while his wife shopping. The place has been open since 2009 from a single kiosk unit expanded into three kiosk units today.


It has a traditional coffee shop atmosphere with row dinner table and chair that simply can put together to accommodate single person up four people if customer like it. People often bring book or newspaper from elsewhere and read it in the coffee shop. Other customer brings their business partner or friends to it just for chatting or negotiate while enjoy their coffee or tea time.

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The top and best selling of the Kopi Tiam is tea tarik or coffee tarik. They are hot coffee or tea brew in pot then barista filter them through cloth filter in order to separate tea or coffee residue, as result he will get a batch clean coffee or tea.

The tea or coffee tarik pronunciations come from ‘pulling’ process where before barista serve the coffee or tea tarik to customer. He will poured back and forth coffee or tea batch repeatedly between two vessels from height, giving it a thick frothy top. Then he pour tea or coffee in cup and add condensate milk. Finally, you get tea or coffee tarik. Customer can decide sweetness of his drink by mix condensate milk layer with spoon which serve together.

Sometimes customer order black coffee or tea without milk. It still unique taste due ‘pulling’ process also help cool the tea or coffee to optional drinking temperature and bring more their flavor.

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Other specialty of this coffee shop is Manado potato vegetable porridge serve with small salty fish blocks. Customer can enjoy the porridge by mixed salty fish together enhance porridge flavor. There also Cakalang fish cuisine, Balado egg, Uduk rice, etc. They can be ordered ala carte or in one package if customer like it.

Beside main meals, the Kopi Tiam also serve various Indonesian traditional snack, such as, lemper, cake, cracker, peanuts, etc. They are best for accompany your drink.

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However, the coffee shop often crowded, particularly, on weekend. The place is only can serve for 20 to 30 people lead people who arrive late find out the place full. In addition, the place tend to become hot if crowded or during hot weather where fans not enough to keep air cool.

Best time to enjoy on this place is early morning until 10.00 AM long enough before the market crowded or before sunlight become too hot.

You can enjoy your time and drink here starting from Rp 4000 IDR up to Rp 8000 IDR either hot or cold. Meanwhile for meals, the porridge and rice package can be enjoy for Rp 14000 IDR to Rp 20000 IDR. Cheap enough for budget customer.

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Location: Pasar Modern BSD, Jln Jendral Sutopo, block K59, K60 & K217, North Eastern corner. BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Open time 06.00 AM to 01.00 PM. Telepon no. (021) 68658102


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