An introduction from writer!

It had been long time I dreamed for have a blog dedicate for coffee shops and coffee culture around my place. The coffee culture have been fascinating  for Indonesian due cafe culture booming in Indonesia city, particularly, Jakarta and its vibrant suburbs.

Here brief summary about area where I living today:

Bumi Serpong Damai logo

Teras kota BSD

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) – Is one of four biggest modern suburb in South West Jakarta. It covers include four to six sub-districts in Serpong. Its connected by highway called Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) and railroad line which passing three train station, included, Rawa Buntu train station, Serpong train station and Cisauk train station. Its residential advantage and large area lead sprout large number of local coffee shop and franchise cafe.


Alam Sutra – The second developing modern suburb in Serpong after BSD. They recently accelerate their developing program by building two major shopping centres or Malls which can contains various coffee shop or cafe. One of the mall named ‘Living World’ is dedicate place for cafe and restaurant rows. Alam Sutera is link into Tangerang-Tomang highway.


Summarecon Serpong – The third large modern suburb in Serpong. It commercial business focus in a mega mall called ‘Summarecon Mall’ which continue add additional building wings to accommodate dozens cafe and restaurant. Summarecon Serpong also connected by Tangerang-Tomang highway.

There also Bintaro area and Lippo Karawaci districts which contained dozen or hundred of cafe, coffee shop and hang out place. But, I rarely go there so I don’t know much about coffee culture in that areas.



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